About Westlund Consulting

Our Mission

To help small businesses and consumers implement trusted and proven strategic plans to provide substantial, efficient, and sustainable financial success that will meet and exceed expectations.

Westlund Consulting is not your standard group of consultants in Cleveland, OH. Westlund Consulting helps any business or any consumer find solutions for any of their possible banking challenges. With 20+ years of bank management experience in 4 different states, complimented by Project Management Professional Methodology, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Quality Improvement, information technology, and trust experience, Westlund Consulting helps businesses and consumers improve their finances, financial plans, partnerships, day-to-day financial management, and find solutions to unique banking challenges.

Our aim is to deliver seasoned, unbiased, and objective consultancy services that will enhance every dimension of your business or consumer financial position. We partner closely with you individually, or with your management and staff, to define and put actions into place that will help support you or your business toward financial success. With the help of Westlund Consulting, you will be able to identify weaknesses and bolster your strengths to grow your business profitability and increase the quality that you can deliver to your customers.

Our Areas of Concentration

Westlund Consulting employees are mobile; they can champion face-to-face meetings between Westlund Consulting, small businesses, consumers, and their bankers.  We also make direct, on-site visits to small businesses and consumer house calls.

Westlund Consulting provides small businesses and consumers with unbiased, objective financial relationship management and advocacy as well as provides consulting around project management and lean six sigma management.

We service any small business or consumer geographically located in the Cleveland, OH metropolitan area; however, our consultants are available to travel nationally, and internationally, if needed.

Our clients can be new-to-banking consumers and business customers, new business start-ups, profitable existing businesses, struggling businesses, and mature businesses. In short, we can help almost any consumer or small business with their relationship management of all their banks, advocate for their needs with all their banks, as well as consult with any small business on project and lean six sigma management.


                                    Glen Westlund, President