Services and SolutionsSolutions Tailored to Your Business Success

Every entrepreneur has a personal vision of success. At Westlund Consulting we take the extra time to thoroughly understand your specific goals, and needs. We utilize this information and our previous experience to help develop a strategic business plan that will help you exceed your own expectations.

Our consultants have experienced many complex business challenges, and can offer you invaluable insight while saving you time, and resources. Our goal is to understand your business and help you identify the fastest and most effective road to success. Our experts will craft a personalized plan for your business while using a simple set of principles. All of our decisions are based on our 20+ years of business experience and the support of our industry specific experts.  Each of our solutions is unbiased, objective, and custom tailored to fit your specific needs.

For best overall value, we offer bundled packages of our common services:

BEST VALUE: Ongoing Support – (In-House) Full Service – Bank Relationship Management
• Ongoing Support – (On-Demand) As Needed Service – Bank Relationship Management
• Ongoing Support – (Phone Support Only) Basic Service – Bank Relationship Management
• Funding arrangement, deposit rate locks, or fund recoveries
• Analysis, Audit, and Support
• Business Plan Development – Full – includes Analysis, Audit, and Support
• Business Plan Development – Basic

For full explanations of all our available business and consumer services, please see below:

Banking Relationship Management & Advocacy

Our team has formidable experience with business and personal banking services allowing us to provide you with valuable support that can help you find affordable access to the lending, deposit, and ancillary services to strengthen your financial position. Most importantly, instead of having bankers fighting against you, we can be your financial advocates fighting for you!


Business Plan Creation & Upgrades

Our team understands the importance of creating a reliable and realistic business plan. Your business plan will include strategies that promote reasonable and obtainable growth, while helping your business prepare for future challenges. Allow our team to help you tackle and defeat the obstacles that may get in the way of your success.

Cash Flow Analysis

Our team will routinely monitor your results and progress throughout our entire consulting relationship. You will consistently see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what strategies are proven to be most valuable for you. Nowadays, your cash flow is probably the most important aspect of your financial position that banks review.  Allow us to show you how your resources can be optimized to help you reach success quickly.


Project & Lean Six Sigma Management

In today’s business world, it is important to make sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible in order to maximize profit. Executing on projects and implementing lean management takes time, effort, planning.  Our team of experts can help you easily enhance your operations and implement new processes that you want to make your business run the way you envision – with optimal efficiency and quality!