Business Cash Flow Analysis

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Whether you’re approaching a new financial institution, trying to improve your existing relationship or seeking capital to sustain growth, we can help you and your company look more attractive to loan officers and commercial bankers. We prepare you for those critical meetings by providing a strategic financial document compilation, highlighting any data that will help you secure the funding you need. By answering all of the bank’s questions ahead of time, we ensure your approach is proactive, rather than reactive to the bank’s loan requirements and requests for additional financial documents. Banks not only want to do business with profitable organizations, they are also attracted to companies with smart and proactive business owners.  Our small business consultants help owners and executives see new opportunities. We analyze your business performance, dig down to a granular level, and look for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Cash Flow Enhancement Options

Stay on top of your business performance – we offer continuous monitoring of your cash flow forecast and business plan to ensure your business stays on the right track.

Account Structure Analysis

You may have set up your accounts over the years and you may believe them to be all structured and titled correctly, however, banks have changed the way they do business and several different people may have set up these accounts.  Did each of them do it correctly?  Are your accounts the best they can be?  Do you know what will happen in an emergency?  Westlund Consulting will sit down with you and review all your accounts at all your different financial institutions to make sure that they are as good as they can be. Westlund Consulting is your trusted consultant, because we are both bonded and insured.

Financial Technology Analysis

Do you need help setting up online banking, online bill pay, online statements, or any other technology for your business?  We’ll take the time to walk you step by step through the process and assist with training so that you can make your financial management easier.

For-Profit & Non-Profit Financial Consulting

We can help both for-profits and non-profits maximize their cash flows and help take advantage of the latest account titling rules to make your auditing processes more efficient.

Business Plan Creation

Whether you are a new start-up company with no business plan or a mature company that does not have an up-to-date, formal business plan, we can create one for you that makes your company look good when visiting the bank for your lending needs. Besides making you and your business look good, the business plan we create will be more robust than that – it will be a tool for you to use to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable, fully understand the inner-workings, interrelationships, and dependencies of your business, and ultimately control your business’s fate.

Start-up Services

If you are interested in starting your own business, we can help you get started with your business plan development, your bank relationships, and establish your merchant and tax account. We can also help to obtain start-up capital, set up a legal business structure, obtain a Federal Employer Identification Numbers, satisfy business licensing requirements, find the right accountant, find the right attorney, establish an internet presence, develop business collateral, help you identify where to get help, and help you understand how to follow government rules.

SBA Consulting

Starting a new business, especially a business that needs funding right from the start, can be extremely challenging.  Sometimes it may seem like there is no hope to obtain funding, and although it is never guaranteed that you and your business will qualify for funding, we can help you pursue all of your lending options, and more. We can help you with what SBA offers to help small businesses grow, SBA loan program selection, how to prepare your loan application, find small business loans, grants, government grants, and research grants.

Business Owner Financial Planning

We have expert partners who can help you create an effective financial plan and we can balance that with your P&L so that your business ratios are kept in line to help strengthen a bank’s lending appetite for your business.

FDIC Coverage Analysis

Are all your account FDIC insured?  Are you absolutely sure?  Westlund Consulting will perform a comprehensive FDIC analysis that will put your mind at ease.

Online Bill Pay Analysis

Find out how to save time, a stamp, and a tree by paying your bills and scheduling future or recurring payments all online.

Online Payroll Analysis

Find out how to process payroll in a fraction of the time while managing it from anywhere Internet access is available.

Card Payment Solutions Analysis

Find out how Bank Business Credit Cards and the Bank Business Check Cards give you more control over how you make payments, and reward you for their use!

Merchant Services Analysis

Find out how to get next-day funding on payment transactions while giving your customers more ways to pay with credit cards, debit cards and gift card programs.

Cash Handling Options Analysis

Find out how Quick Deposit, Night Deposit and Money Room Services make cash handling easier.

Remote Deposit For Business Analysis

Find out how to transmit checks for deposit from your business 24/7 without going into the bank.

Cash Management Services Analysis

Find out how to have better control over your cash position, simplify accounting, and accelerate incoming payments daily.